Make Your Furniture Look Like New… How?

Published February 13 , 2017 Pro Bee

When you have children and pets, you don’t have the ability or time to make sure your furniture is protected at all times, and furniture is not cheap by any means. When you purchase a new sofa or recliner, you are likely buying it to last you for years, if not decades to come. In order to make sure that your investment lasts, it is essential that you hire a professional to perform upholstery cleaning services.

Furniture Look Like New

Furniture Look Like New

Having More Than Your Carpet Cleaned

You likely have a lot of foot traffic in your home, which causes visible dirt to appear on your carpets, something that is very obvious to you. When you notice these changes in your carpet, you likely have your carpets cleaned. While your furniture may not be sporting as much visible dirt (as people’s clothing don’t tend to be as dirty as their shoes), this does not mean that you living room couch or your favorite chair isn’t crawling with bacteria, dirt and dust. This is why it is imperative to contact a professional to perform upholstery cleaning on your home’s furniture.

The Training & Knowledge Needed

Many people think they can perform upholstery cleaning on their own. There are plenty of products sold in stores that claim to do the same quality job that a professional can. This simply is not true. The experts at PROBEESTEAM have all of the training and knowledge needed to make the upholstery in your home look like new. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to have us come to your Dubai home and clean your furniture the right way today!

End of School Holidays & chances of increased infections

Published July 2 , 2016 ProBee Steam Cleaning
End Of School Holidays & Chances Of Increased Infections

Get your Homes, Offices & Cars Steam Cleaned & Sanitized after you return to Dubai from Holidays. Call ProBee Steam Cleaning at +971 (050) 390-0304.

At the end of school holidays post holidays sickness rates increase as different people visit different places and collect viruses from all corners of the world and bring them back to Schools & Offices where close contact with the carriers of these viruses infects you too. So you also carry these viruses back to your home and increase the chances of infecting others at home. “The holidays are a virus-distribution system,” said Dr. William Schaffner, chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University. “They help us distribute the viruses, influenza and other common cold virus from person-to-person because of close contact.” It’s important that we adopt safety measures to protect ourselves and others from these Viruses. The major risk of spreading these viruses is in Public places like Malls, Theaters, Cinemas and restaurants etc.

Advice: If you’re sick, cough into the crook of your arm. If you see someone else coughing or sneezing or wiping their nose, avoid hugging or kissing them. Frequent hand washing keeps you safe so do it every time you come from outside before touching anything or anyone. ProBee Steam Cleaning is one of the few cleaning companies in Dubai that keep your living and work places like Villas, Apartments, Offices, Schools & Nurseries clean and sanitized. Our Cleaning Services in Dubai are unique and relevant to you as we use Steam as Principal method of Cleaning your facilities without resorting to excessive use of harsh chemicals. Chemicals, you would agree are more harmful than beneficial, more of a problem than a solution.

Call us at +971 (050) 390-0304 for Deep Steam Cleaning of your Villa, Apartment, School, Nursery, Office or Cars and Schools Buses & Vans.

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