Cleaning Service That Is People Friendly, Pet Friendly… Eco Friendly

Published December 26 , 2016 Pro Bee

Most people think of a steam cleaning service as either a fancy vacuum cleaning or carpet cleaning. This mistake could stop you from booking one of the best and most environmentally safe cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting service you can use in your home or your business. Although you can book a steam cleaning that is also a vacuum cleaning a steam cleaning is much more than that. Likewise, even though steam cleaning are excellent for disinfecting and sanitizing carpets a true steam cleaner is not limited to carpets.

A vacuum cleaning has its purpose, vacuuming loose dirt and debris from surfaces. However, a vacuum cleaner will not clean, disinfect and sanitize the surface being vacuumed. A carpet cleaner cleans your carpet by injecting steam and/or hot water into your carpet along with a chemical-based cleaner (not good for the environment). After injecting this combination into your carpet a carpet cleaner will virtually vacuum away the dirt that this process dislodges from your carpet. Neither a vacuum cleaning nor a carpet cleaning will go beyond these functions.

Eco Friendly Service

Eco Friendly Service

Steam cleaners clean, sanitize and disinfect in an entirely different way… they use high temperature steam vapor. Since they use only water to clean, sanitize and disinfect they are completely safe for the environment. When the dry steam vapor comes into contact with the surface being treated it not only thoroughly cleans the surface it also disinfects and sanitizes it. Furthermore, the steam vapor penetrates cracks and crevices common chemical-based cleaners cannot. This eliminates all germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and mildew on the treated surface.

The obvious uses for steam cleaning are in your kitchen and bathroom where we can clean all hard surfaces like floors, counter tops and appliances. But don’t stop there. Our steam cleaner is great for cleaning grout, cook tops, ovens and cabinets. Upholstery, carpets, draperies and mattresses should also be treated on a regular basis with our hardworking cleaners to eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, allergens, mold and mildew. Steam cleaning are even effective in killing bed bugs.

One of the first things you will notice when you use our cleaning service for your kitchen or bathroom is that there is no longer any potentially harmful chemical residue left on the surfaces you clean. Not only do chemical-based cleaning harm the environment they also leave behind a residue after cleaning. Not only is that chemical residue harmful to the treated surfaces it also attracts new dirt making it necessary to clean more often. Cleaning more often means more work for you and more cost for the chemical-based service. Also, the more you clean with chemical-based cleaning the more damage you do to the surfaces being cleaned and the environment we live in.

With a steam cleaning there is no residue left behind because a steam cleaner uses only water heated to more than 225F to clean, sanitize and disinfect. Not only will you leave no residue behind with a steam cleaning you will also eliminate the effects of chemical-based cleaning on your allergies and the environment.

So don’t make the same mistake most people make by thinking of a steam cleaning as either a vacuum cleaning or a carpet cleaning. If you do you will never experience the amazing steam service.