Baby and Kids Toys Cleaning

Why is it important? Our babies and kids spend the majority of their time in their rooms playing with their toys mostly on their play-mats. We tend to overlook the need for a safe cleaning method of these areas, and still use harsh chemicals and detergents creating chemical volatile components that both stick to these surfaces and evaporates in the air to create harmful pollutants in the indoor air your children are breathing, as well as the surfaces they are continuously touching.

ProBee Steam Cleaning provides the best playroom, baby room, kids room sanitation services through our unique technology to get rid of all impurities and ensure that you and your family are living in a safe & healthy environment. It is completely dry and chemical-free.

  • Our process is dry and chemical-free, so you don’t need to leave the houses as it dries in less than minute
  • Our sanitation technology ensures that treated surfaces are food-safe after the treatment
  • The sanitation treatment can be applied effectively to all stuffed toys, toys, wooden toys, plastic toys,
    and all other items to ensure you maintain a healthy and virus-free living environment for your beloved
  • Our technology relies on the use of regular tap water and processes it to create a natural disinfectan
  • Providing unique hygiene and sanitation solutions through acquiring the latest technology in the Middle East